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March 4, 2016
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This is where I'm making my home from now on. Instead of following me on social media and such, just check out my site. Everything I personal and professional is here.

Paul Kenjora

Product Design And Development

I'm lucky enough to be a father and husband, plus I get to work with some amazing people on making the world a better place. I try to keep my day pretty balanced so if you want to talk technology or hiking trails over beer, I'm down for either, as long as the beer is good.

Movies I Like


Shane Carruth

Its a movie where the time machine is a cardboard box. So you'll need to be somewhat imaginative. Also the plot is about time paradoxes, so you'll need to pay attention.

The Fundamentals Of Caring

Rob Burnett

Many people enjoy Paul Rudd as an actor, this is one of the first films in which I've truly enjoyed his acting and believe he absolutely makes the movie good.


Todd Robinson

Remember the K-129 Russian submarine that sank in the Pacific in 1968? This movie loosely tries to explain how that came to pass.

Economic Awareness

Help me build applications that build economic and political awareness for equality, income, taxes, and human rights.

Cow Pool

$1,600.00 Goal

I buy a grass fed locally raised cow every few months and split it with friends by the pound. Pickup is in Phoenix at my house.

Books Im Reading


Neal Stephenson

Very few people can convey the human essence of WWII through a handful of fictional characters like Neal Stephenson.

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The Calligrapher

Edward Docx

This is a fantastic book about a single guy who falls hard for a girl. This book is a nice real life story thats a good read for both sexes.

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The Pleasure Of My Company

Steve Martin

Who knew Steve martin wrote books? Even better, who knew they were a pleasure to read. This book is light and feel good.

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Planet Of Adventure

Jack Vance

One of the best Sci-Fi adventure books you will ever read. Thoroughly immersive and enjoyable. Why isn't this book a movie yet?

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Wolverine Origin

Paul Jenkins

Given Wolverine's mysterious past, I had really high expectations for his origins story. This awesomely illustrated series exceeded my expectations.

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