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1st Date

Nacho Vigalondo

Its a time travel movie with no special effects, amazing story telling, and a blow your mind conclusion. If you don't mind subtitles, its in Spanish, you're in for a great flick. I promise you've never seen a movie with this many details so perfectly interwoven. For all the subtle complexity in the movie its a genuine pleasure to watch because the story is told so well. This one is truly unique, watch it.


Shane Carruth

Its a movie where the time machine is a cardboard box. So you'll need to be somewhat imaginative. Also the plot is about time paradoxes, so you'll need to pay attention.

The Fundamentals Of Caring

Rob Burnett

Many people enjoy Paul Rudd as an actor, this is one of the first films in which I've truly enjoyed his acting and believe he absolutely makes the movie good.

Alpha Dog

Nick Cassavetes

You will watch this movie only once. It will punch you in the gut. You will be glad you watched it, you will recommend it to your friends. You will watch this movie only once.

The Last Days

David And Alex Pastor

An interesting take on the end of the world. What if everyone was afraid to go outside? Like afraid to death?