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Long Day

Rob Burnett

It's a road trip film, it's a buddy film, and it's a good film. Two people afflicted with different kinds of tragedy go on a road trip and put each others lives in perspective. As parent and a friend of someone afflicted with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), this movie hit home. I like that they handled the topic with appropriate and often emotional comedy. The characters are real, as are the outcomes which makes this film rare today. It has a good not depressing ending and doesn't preach heavy on morality, just enjoy it.

Oh and it's a Netflix Original, another example of how they make good movies possible.

Cruel And Unusual

Merlin Dervisevic

This is one of those under the radar must watch out of synch revelation through repetition movies. Having said that I cannot tell you anything without giving it away. It has no shooting, there is murder, and its kind of heavy on morality.

Conan The Barbarian

John Milius

Probably the greatest man movie ever made. Conan was the Manhattan Project of its movie era. Iconic.

Middle Men

George Gallo

Every entrepreneur should watch this movie, it is the best lesson you will ever get in starting a company and taking money.


Morten Tyldum

This movie was good because it was simple. The special effects were great but not too much and the plot line was to the point. I enjoyed it and its absolutely worth watching.

Git Is Really Difficult To Use

Nov. 18, 2017

I'm coming to terms with the fact that git ( not Git Hub ) is very hard to use. At first I thought it was just hard for novice users. Then I I thought OK this isn't so bad, now I'm more convinced than ever that git is just hard to use.