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4 / 10

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Boring Day

Shane Carruth

Like all time machine movies this one deals with paradoxes. Unlike most time machine movies, the time machine in this film is a card board box on the floor of a storage unit. Thats not a problem however because the plot is not about technology, its about people and what they do with time travel. Turns out its pretty much the same thing we do with everything, try to get...

PS: The movie was made by one guy for like $7,000, and its good.

Alpha Dog

Nick Cassavetes

You will watch this movie only once. It will punch you in the gut. You will be glad you watched it, you will recommend it to your friends. You will watch this movie only once.

Time Crimes

Nacho Vigalondo

If only our movie industry wasn't so xenophobic more people would get to see this amazing take on time travel movies.


Morten Tyldum

This movie was good because it was simple. The special effects were great but not too much and the plot line was to the point. I enjoyed it and its absolutely worth watching.


Steven Soderbergh

A space station next to a dwarf sun that can bring the dead back from our memories. And go. George Clooney delivers a great performance in a pretty deep plot with an ending that is obvious only in retrospect.