Sometimes you just want to turn the brain off and see something blow up or see a camel get punched in the face. These are my go to action movies.


Why more academy awards don't go to comedy, I really cannot understand. These movies crack me up every time, and isn't that the best form of entertainment?


Who needs a business coach when you've got movies like this? Sometimes I learn more about business from a good flick then all the seminars I've ever attended.


When I'm in the mood for no explosions, no dwarves, no wizards, and no robots, I turn to drama. In between the chick flicks are some real gems.


Documentaries are skewed points of view, they'll corrupt you. So is the news, but if you watch enough of it you get the whole story. Watch more documentaries.



Shane Carruth

Its a movie where the time machine is a cardboard box. So you'll need to be somewhat imaginative. Also the plot is about time paradoxes, so you'll need to pay attention.

The Fundamentals Of Caring

Rob Burnett

Many people enjoy Paul Rudd as an actor, this is one of the first films in which I've truly enjoyed his acting and believe he absolutely makes the movie good.


Todd Robinson

Remember the K-129 Russian submarine that sank in the Pacific in 1968? This movie loosely tries to explain how that came to pass.

Alpha Dog

Nick Cassavetes

You will watch this movie only once. It will punch you in the gut. You will be glad you watched it, you will recommend it to your friends. You will watch this movie only once.

Cruel And Unusual

Merlin Dervisevic

This is one of those under the radar must watch out of synch revelation through repetition movies. Having said that I cannot tell you anything without giving it away. It has no shooting, there is murder, and its kind of heavy on morality.

Conan The Barbarian

John Milius

Probably the greatest man movie ever made. Conan was the Manhattan Project of its movie era. Iconic.

Time Crimes

Nacho Vigalondo

If only our movie industry wasn't so xenophobic more people would get to see this amazing take on time travel movies.

Battle Star Galactica

Assorted Directors

I resisted watching this show for a very long time. When I finally did watch it, it was the most amazing show I had ever seen.

Middle Men

George Gallo

Every entrepreneur should watch this movie, it is the best lesson you will ever get in starting a company and taking money.

The Last Days

David And Alex Pastor

An interesting take on the end of the world. What if everyone was afraid to go outside? Like afraid to death?


Joon-ho Bong

Yes its an end of the world movie, yes its a blatant commentary on our society, yes its worth watching.

Dumb And Dumber

Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly

The greatest movie you will ever see that should have been nominated for an emmy. Still quote it today with friends, fun, light, and just plain enjoyable.

Food Inc

Robert Kenner

If you want to learn how food is one of those things industrialization and capitalism don't optimize, watch this documentary.


Morten Tyldum

This movie was good because it was simple. The special effects were great but not too much and the plot line was to the point. I enjoyed it and its absolutely worth watching.


Steven Soderbergh

A space station next to a dwarf sun that can bring the dead back from our memories. And go. George Clooney delivers a great performance in a pretty deep plot with an ending that is obvious only in retrospect.