The Pleasure Of My Company

Steve Martin

( 2003 ) ISBN: 0786869216

Its a story about a recluse who transforms his life through a series of small triumphs and big leaps of faith. Steve martin really captures the struggles of this guy in a funny light way without taking away from the characters achievements. A really great vacation read that will leave you in a good mood.


1 / 10


10 / 10


1 / 10

Plot Flow

9 / 10

Best After

Sad Day


Hugh Howey

For once science fiction that happens under ground instead of outer space. A pretty good book that focuses more on people and less on technology, almost to a fault. Absolutely earns the right to be in the top hundred science fiction books ever written.

Rain Storm

Barry Eisler

When I read this it was the third and final book in the John Rain series, so there is a bit of a conclusion here.

Planet Of Adventure

Jack Vance

One of the best Sci-Fi adventure books you will ever read. Thoroughly immersive and enjoyable. Why isn't this book a movie yet?


Stephen King

Stephen King's book about time travel and the assassination of JFK by Lee Oswald is very good writing applied to a very poor and tired plot. Also was he paid by the CIA to write this as fictional propaganda?