Planet Of Adventure

Jack Vance

( 1993 ) ISBN: 978-031285488

A man crashes on a distant planet, breaks his legs and is captured by a group of primitive natives. Guess what, while he heals, he learns their language. Thats the level of cohesion Jack Vance brings to this story that makes it absolutely immersive. If you're wondering, yes the men are natives, there are aliens on the planet, and theres a reason both exist on one planetoid. This book is actually four books put together, if you like sci-fi and adventure, this is an absolute must read.


10 / 10


9 / 10


6 / 10

Plot Flow

10 / 10

Best After



Hugh Howey

For once science fiction that happens under ground instead of outer space. A pretty good book that focuses more on people and less on technology, almost to a fault. Absolutely earns the right to be in the top hundred science fiction books ever written.

The Pleasure Of My Company

Steve Martin

Who knew Steve martin wrote books? Even better, who knew they were a pleasure to read. This book is light and feel good.

Rain Storm

Barry Eisler

When I read this it was the third and final book in the John Rain series, so there is a bit of a conclusion here.


Stephen King

Stephen King's book about time travel and the assassination of JFK by Lee Oswald is very good writing applied to a very poor and tired plot. Also was he paid by the CIA to write this as fictional propaganda?